Annual Penalty Shootout Competition

Following the challenges posed by Coronavirus, Flixton Juniors have cancelled this season’s Annual Penalty Shootout Competition.

Every year Flixton Juniors has a penalty competition open to all Club registered players from U7 to U14.

The competition is in memory of Ken Driver and the trophy was presented to the Club in Season 2000/01 by the Under 11s.

Current Status of 2020 Competition

Competition starts in Janaury 2020

Result of 2019 Competition

Fynn Jennings of U14 Eagles won the with a perfect round of penalties.

Roll of Honour

The previous winners of the Shield are:

  • 2019: Fynn Jennings
  • 2018: No competition
  • 2017: Ollie Southall
  • 2016: Ollie Southall
  • 2015: Tom Ryan
  • 2014: Jackson Ward
  • 2013: Jay Mills
  • 2012: Perry Vanden
  • 2011: Matthew Hartley
  • 2010: Luke Waldron
  • 2009: Lawrence Conchie
  • 2008: Lawrence Conchie
  • 2007: Graham Stott
  • 2006: Dean Williamson
  • 2005: Ben Kerry
  • 2004: Phillip O’Brien
  • 2003: Daniel Devine
  • 2002: Thomas Syddall
  • 2001: Sean Kelly

Format of the Competition

There will be four qualification rounds, which comprise the Team Penalty Shoot Out Competition, and a Final Club Penalty Shoot Out involving the winners of the Team Penalty Shoot Out Competitions.

One qualification round will take place in each of the following months:

  • January 2020
  • February 2020
  • March 2020
  • April 2020

All players registered in a team squad must take five penalties in each qualification round.

A qualification round takes place by each player taking one penalty in turn until five have been taken by each player – no player should take consecutive penalties.

Goalkeepers for the qualification rounds should come from U15 and U16 teams.

The penalties shall be taken from the following distances:

  • U7, U8 – 7 yards
  • U9, U10 – 8 yards
  • U11, U12 – 10 yards
  • U13, U14 – 12 yards

After the fourth qualification round, the winner of a Team Shoot Out is that player who has scored the most penalties in total over the four qualification round, with sudden death in the case of tied qualifications.

The Team Penalty Shoot Out Competition winner will then proceed to the Final Club Penalty Shoot Out on 30 May 2020.

The Final shoot out takes place in the same way as a qualification round of five penalties – the winner being the player who has scored the most penalties, with sudden death in the case of tied qualifications.

The detailed rules can be downloaded here