Flixton Juniors in Poland
13th November 2020

Flixton Juniors has fans all around the world!

One of our biggest international fans is Grzegorz Ampulski from Gliwice in Poland.

He is a massive fan of English football, and an avid collector of pin badges and programmes.

He asked if we could add to his collection, and we obliged with one of our limited edition pin badges and a programme from the 2019 Flixton Juniors Festival of Football.

Click here to see our badge in his collection

He was delighted with the goodies we sent him, especially one of our scarves which he now proudly wears around his town.

Here is Gregorz showing off his scarf in his local town centre, at his local stadium and club shop of Górnik Zabrze.

What a legend!!

You can have a look at Grzegorz collection by clicking here to visit his collection page