Flixton Juniors works hard to bring fun football and to continue the legacy started in Flixton in 1970 in a manner that embraces our traditions and includes all that wish to be part of our Club.

We are a non-profit organisation, and we rely:

  • on our volunteer officials, managers and coaches to provide a fun and safe environment within which our footballers can develop;
  • on the generosity of our sponsors, who help our teams keep up to date with their match day and training kits; and
  • on our parents, who support the club in transporting their footballers and pay their annual registration fee so we can pay for the facilities we need.

We keep our annual registration fee as low as we possibly can to make football more accessible to all, and we support our footballing families that are facing challenges.

Private donations have been a massive help to us over the past two years. They have allowed us to cover the increased costs of coronavirus at a time when we cannot run our social events nor our highly respected annual Football Festival.

We are so grateful to all who support our Club in any way they can.

If you wish to donate then you can do so in two ways:

Pay by Bank Transfer

Pay by Payment Card or PayPal