The Restart of Footballing Activities
28th March 2021

Flixton Juniors COVID-19 Guidance (28/03/2021)

Following guidance from Government and the Football Association, Grassroots Football can restart on Monday 29 March 2021.

Flixton Juniors have updated their Coronavirus Risk Assessment and Guidance, full details of which can be found on the Flixton Juniors Coronavirus Web Page.

Key Points are:

No Spectators – spectators are not allowed at grassroots football training sessions or matches.

One parent or carer is permitted in a safeguarding capacity – the parent or carer must arrive at the training session or match with their child. An adult who arrives at a training session or match alone will be considered a spectator and will not be allowed entry.

Self-Screen Check Forms – Club Coaches, Officials, Players, Parents and Carers in a safeguarding capacity must present signed Self-Check forms to the Club COVID Official prior to entry to the training session or the match. No entry will be allowed without a negative signed Self-Screen Check form.

Attendance Registers – Coaches must maintain a register of all attendees at a training session which should be given to the on-site Club COVID Official at the end of the training session.

Authorised Training Locations – Training sessions can only take place at locations authorised by the Club COVID Management Team – currently, training sessions can only take place at Wellacre Academy or Flixton Girls School. This restriction does not apply to the open aged teams.

Parking at Wellacre Academy – Parking in the top car park is restricted to avoid the mixing of people leaving and arrriving in what becomes a very congested space. Parents and carers are welcome to park in the lower car parks that are immediately to the left and right upon entering Wellacre Academy. Club COVID Officials will be on hand to guide drivers.

Social Distancing – Social distancing must be observed at all times and there should be no mixing with others from outside your household or support bubble.

The Club Guidance becomes effective immediately and must be followed at all times.